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BEWARE!! I was in Westminster yesterday and decided to grab a quick haircut. I stopped at the Sports Clips, having no idea that my experience would become a train wreck. The stylist (Tina) seemed nice enough. I explained that I wanted it shortened all the way around and we were off and running. As I watched, it became clear she had no idea what she was doing. I am a real easy cut. Nothing fancy and I am not fussy. After a few minutes of hair flying everywhere, she poored some "leave in " conditioner on my head and called it good. Okay....guess we are done. I paid, tipped and was off to meet some friends for lunch. Before I went in the restaurant I brushed out my hair, still wondering what the crap was she put it my hair. Once inside, the laughter started. I went to the restroom and then I knew why she glued my hair to my head. She created a mess. I looked liked a clown. After lunch I went back and a nice lady took one look at me and said she would fix it. Well, the fix was the best she could do. But is still looked looked like a three year old had been let loose with the clippers. Oh well. It will grow back....I hope as I am close to 60. Not saying the whole lot of them are bad, just suggest avoiding Tina.

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I wanted to thank our stylist from yesterday (11/12/17); I think her name was Abigail? I brought my toddler son in for a haircut and she was so patient and sweet with him. I'm sure toddlers are pretty difficult to keep still and entertained, but she stopped to read his book with him, let him play with the squirt bottle, and was just awesome overall. Oh, and the haircut was great too! Thank you!

5 rating

Felisha the manager is amazing. She is super dedicated to each customer and team member and creating a championship MVP Experience. Thank you for having a positive attitude each day.

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Bill W. | August 15, 2017 Stylist

"Felisha is awesome! She always does an amazing job and has a great attitude! Felisha is the reason"